Oh the places you could go!


Last year, I had the opportunity to take part in an amazing book project, She’s Ready, and learn all about Statement Junky, the organization it would support. I simply answered a call to action through an Instagram post, and before I knew it, I became instant friends with the organization’s founder Rashell Evans and a champion for opening the world of travel and endless possibilities to young girls who one day will be our world leaders.

From the very first hello on the phone to discuss my involvement with She’s Ready, I felt like Rashell and I had been friends for years. And her enthusiasm and passion for her work oozed through my phone receiver and infected me almost immediately. Just like that, I was all in and eager to help make an impact, too!

Statement Junky, as described on its website, is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization devoted to creating a positive safe space for girls to thrive and build lifelong relationships.  Its youth development and global leadership program, Passport Queens, prepares teenage girls for the global stage. At the conclusion of the program, each girl is gifted with an essential key to access the world – her first passport. With this tool she’ll reach beyond the borders of her community, see the world and ultimately change the world, utilizing the experiences and knowledge gained through travel.

And as an extension of Statement Junky, Rashell launched She’s Ready in January, which I had the honor of contributing a chapter to. She’s Ready is the manifesto for women who aspire to explore the world and find themselves at the end of their journey. The inspiring stories and guide full of step-by-step advice and thought-provoking exercises highlight the positive impact travel can have on women seeking to align who they are with their life’s purpose.